Dental Implants

Why choose us for your Implants?

Dr Robert Glover

Why is Mount Dental York Implant Centre the place for implants?

  • Exceptional Experience

    Principle dentist, Dr Robert Glover, BDS, MSc, Dip.Con.Sed, has placed thousands of implants over more than 15 years.Robert has successfully restored many patients’ mouths with dental implants, when they had been previously told by other dentists, that they did not have enough bone.

    The team at York Dental Implant Centre is fully qualified in all aspects of dental implantology. Robert was one of the first dentists in the UK to achieve a Masters qualification (MSc) specifically in dental implantology, achieving a distinction. The qualification is registered with the governing body of dentistry, The General Dental Council.

    Robert also teaches and is an approved mentor for the Association of Dental Implantology and teacher for the MSc in dental implantology at Warwick University. Robert has a postgraduate diploma in sedation, awarded by Newcastle University.

  • Qualifications
    Robert was one of the first dentists in the UK to achieve a Masters qualification (MSc) specifically in dental implantology, achieving a distinction. Robert achieved top marks in both the academic content and the submitted practical cases.
  • Cost
    As we place so many implants and have the experience to work efficiently, we offer some of the best value implant treatment in the UK. Prices start from £2800, which includes the crown and free CT scan (worth up to £250).
  • Long lasting and reliable
    Robert’s overall success rate of dental implants is 99% (measured over a ten year period). Your implants will likely provide years of trouble free service.

Why choose us for your Implants

  • Our Service
    We pride ourselves in our service to you. We understand that you may be worried about treatment. We know you put your trust in us and we will always put you first. The whole team has a friendly, approachable disposition aimed at keeping you relaxed.
  • Sedation
    If you are worried about treatment we can offer you sedation.In addition to dental implant qualification Robert has a Diploma in Dental Sedation. As well as the usual I.V. sedation we can offer no-needle sedation.



We use the most sophisticated technology available to ensure you get the very best treatment available, with minimum fuss. For example we have:

  • 3D CT scanner
  • Microscope
  • The Wand – new technology that delivers anaesthetic painlessly
  • Digital imaging
  • CAD-CAM processing

Advanced Implant Treatments

Advanced Implant Treatments

  • Astra Osseospeed Implant System
    The unique combination of independent features of the ASTRA TECH Implant System BioManagement Complex ensures a reliable, predictable and esthetic result both in the short and long term.
  • OsseoSpeed™ – more bone more rapidly
    A chemically modified titanium surface with a unique nano scale topography that stimulates early bone healing and speeds up the bone healing process.
  • MicroThread™ – biomechanical bone stimulation
    Minute threads on implant neck that offer optimal load distribution and stress values.
  • Conical Seal Design™ – a strong and stable fit
    A conical connection that seals off the interior of the implant from surrounding tissues, minimizing micromovements and microleakage.
  • Connective Contour™ – increased soft tissue contact zone and volume
    The unique contour that is created when you connect the abutment to the implant.

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