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How to Refer a Patient

The Mount Dental Practice and York Dental Implant Centre is a state-of-the-art dental referral practice situated in a converted Georgian property in the centre of York.

We accept referrals for:

Dental implants, sinus lifts & block grafting

We provide the full range of implant treatments from simple placement to advanced grafting. We can provide surgery only or surgery and restorative. We can also provide grafting-only for practitioners placing implants but not wishing to do advanced procedures themselves. Robert Glover is a highly experienced implant practitioner having been placing implants for over 18 years with over 4000 placements. Robert teaches for both Warwick and Manchester University dental implant MSc courses, and achieved a distinction inImplant Dentistry MSc at Warwick University.

I.V. and Inhalation sedation

We can provide sedation for patients undergoing all forms of dental treatment. We are notable in providing both I.V and inhalation sedation.

Inhalation sedation is useful for severe needle phobics either as a stand-alone technique or to enable safe cannulation for I.V. sedation. Inhalation sedation is also great for those patients with a compromised medical history where I.V. sedation is not advised.

CBCT scanning & OPT

We have the latest Carestream CS8100D cone beam dental scanner. It provides high-quality, accurate three-dimensional (3D) images of the dental and maxillofacial region. It offers significant advantages to traditional imaging and is rapidly becoming the accepted standard of care.

CBCT is used for diagnosis, treatment guidance and post-treatment evaluation for:

  • Implant Dentistry: to assess crest morphology and dimensions and position of vital structures
  • Oral Surgery: Assessment of wisdom teeth root morphology and proximity to the inferior dental canal
  • Orthodontics: Unerupted tooth localisation including canines and supernumerary teeth
  • Endodontics: including resorption, perio/endo lesions, perforations and atypical pulp anatomy
  • Bony Pathology including odontogenic cysts and tumours

Patients can be referred for a scan and the full dataset including the viewing software will be sent to the referring dentist on a CD rom or USB stick. We will provide the full viewing software so that practitioners can perform all the tasks as if they had their own scanner! (Most other scanners/ centres have expensive restricted software licenses that prohibit this). The Carestream software is extremely versatile and allows the user to view in as many different user defined planes as required. (Full multi-planar reformatting!)

Nervous patient management

We love treating nervous or phobic patients and we welcome referrals! We have changed many lives for the better, transforming patients’ experience of dentistry. We have a calm and reassuring approach and use technology to help.

  • The Wand: painless local anaesthesia
  • I.V. and Inhalation sedation

Oral & third molar surgery

We provide a wide range of oral surgery and have over 30 years of extensive experience. Treatment can be provided with I.V or inhalation sedation if required.

  • Third molar removal
  • Removal of fractured of buried roots
  • Difficult or complex tooth extractions
  • Apical and endodontic surgery
  • Cyst removal

Aesthetic / cosmetic and advanced restorative dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry encompasses many disciplines in dentistry, such as occlusion, periodontal and soft tissues, bone levels and lips. Our team is highly experienced with advanced cases having a track record of achieving excellent results and supporting our referring colleagues.

Periodontal surgery & microsurgery

We perform much of our periodontal surgery using our Zeiss operating microscope.

  • Root coverage
  • Crown lengthening
  • Connective tissue grafts
  • Treatment of recession defects
  • Soft tissue repositioning and plastic surgery

Endodontics & micro-endodontics

We have been accepting endodontic referral for many years. Our endodontist, Tris Harrison, achieved a distinction in her Masters degree in endodontics and welcomes referrals from colleagues.

  • Endodontics
  • Re-root treatments
  • Retrieval of separated instruments & posts
  • Perforation repair
  • Resorption cases
  • Apical microsurgery

All surgery is carried out with a Zeiss operating microsope, Ni-Ti files, electronic apex locator to aid accurate working length determination, predictable 3D obturation using ‘Obtura’ unit, MTA for treatment of resorption and open apices.

Digital radiography is used to ensure lowest possible dose whilst providing highest diagnostic yield. High definition 3D CBCT is also available at the practice for cases where conventional radiography does not provide sufficient information.

Coaching and mentoring

We provide a wide range of dental implant courses from bone augmentation, surgical implant courses and sedation to simple introductory restorative courses. We can tailor courses to your individual requirements and our course fees are competitive.

We run a number of courses in conjunction with major implant companies. The courses are run at the practice and sometimes in local hotels, depending upon numbers. Alternatively, we can arrange courses at your own practice as we have fully mobile audio-visual systems.

For further details and information about these courses please email

How to refer your patient

You can either refer online, or download and post/fax the form, as follows:

Dentist Referral Form Download Form CBCT Referral Form

Or call us now for more information on how to refer your patient – 01904 623436

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