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  • All I wanted for Christmas was my two back teeth..and they look fabulous! It meant starting the process a few months ago, but once I had decided to have two gaps filled by implants, Robert was definitely the man for the job. From beginning to end, all the staff at the Mount Dental Practice were consummate professionals, talking me right through the procedure, checking up on me at each step of the way, after each intervention. Even the longest and most difficult part of the process, having the posts fitted, for which I had sedation, went very smoothly. I am very pleased with the result, my new teeth look very natural and I would definitely recommend Robert and his team if you are considering having implants.

    Clare Yell Review
  • As a 70 year old man I was a bit apprehensive about having implants having worn dentures for many years. The care I was given before during and after the treatment allayed any worries I had. I am delighted I made the decision to have the treatment. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Glover and his staff.

    RLH Yell Review
  • I had my implants done by Robert at The Mount Dental Practice.
    I have had my implants for 12 years and it was the best thing I ever did. Money well spent. I would recommend it to anyone.

    Dorothy Yell Review
  • I am very very pleased with the option I was offered, as originally I requested a "Hollywood Smile", but was told because my teeth were intoo good a condition, it would be better to have veneers , which meant filing 4 teeth down and putting 4 veneers on. The difference is amazing.

    My Husband has had implants here as well after a few years of trying to keep his crowns on, and once he registered the The Mount, and implants were suggested , although this took a lot of time and patience my husbands teeth have never looked so good in years.

    We would certainly recommend the Mount as we feel comfortable and at ease with everything they do and offer. We both smile loads more!!!

    Dawn Yell Review
  • Delighted with my implants,feel and look better than the real thing.Treatment and after care first rate.

    Tony Yell Review
  • Excellent very happy with my implants and crowns and would recomend to anyone considering having them done.

    Hazel Yell Review
  • Marvellous!
    very good, very pleased with my implant

    BlueHouse36 Yell Review
  • My tooth broke and I needed a new implant. I got an appointment very quickly and the process for getting the new implant started. The dentist was very knowledgeable about implants and dentistry in general. He did a very through review of my full mouth situation and ensured that all the relevant adjustments were made - not just fitting an implant. The team was also very flexible with my travel schedule and sorted out the implant appointments at a good time. Overall great support and results.

    BlackSocks55-1 Yell Review
  • After discovering I needed dental implants I had The Mount & Dr Glover recommended to me by a neighbour. Despite living in Leeds I had a consultation with Dr Glover who explained that the process was going to be a complicated one as I needed some bone augmentation. Today, after nearly six months of treatment I have been fitted with my final implants and am absolutely delighted with how they look. Throughout the whole process my dealings with Dr Glover and his staff, the receptionists & dental nurses has been second to none and I would highly recommend this practice.

    Debs Google Review
  • I have had two implants carried out by Dr Glover and his team. I am delighted with the results and have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone considering dental implants. The process does require a few appointments and follow-ups but this was always easy to arrange as the reception staff are always friendly, efficient and a delight to deal with.

    Gill Google Review
  • I have been extremely pleased with Dr Robert Glover and the treatment I have received from The Mount Dental practice . From start to finish I felt very pleased with the professionalism and advice I received which answered all my doubts about my suitability for an implant . The result is fabulous I feel as though this new tooth has been there for years and looks perfect .

    Many Thanks to the whole team I wouldn't hesitate to use the Mount or Dr Glover again

    BlackCoin12 Yell Review
  • New crowns and implants are extremely comfortable and feel as if they've been in my mouth forever. I'm delighted. Thankyou.

    Frances Yell Review
  • I am very pleased with my implants and the service i received at the Mount Dental practice.

    Sandra Yell Review
  • I have been with Dr Glover for many years now since he took over the practice from my previous dentist who retired and I have been wholly satisfied and impressed by his deft professional skill whenever treatment was required. It is some years now since he suggested that I replace an upper dental plate which held my four front teeth (knocked out by a hockey ball in my youth) with implants. I have just been for my annual check up and several years down the line they are as good as when he first put them in. I bless the time when I had no more nasty plate to contend with. Best decision I ever made! Thank you Dr Glover and Team.

    Jennifer Google Review

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