Dental Implants

Your implant consultation

Your implant consultation

During your dental implant consultation we will:

  • Discuss your concerns and wishes with you and carry out a full examination of your mouth.
  • We may take some digital x-rays.
  • We will evaluate the health, condition and appearance of your teeth, gums, the way your teeth bite, the jaw joints (TMJs) and the general condition of the hard and soft tissues in your mouth.
  • We will then discuss some possible solutions with you and give you an indication of the likely cost.

After the consultation we will the send you a full written report and also a copy to your own dentist. We will usually have arranged another appointment with you to further discuss your options (you will not be charged for this additional appointment).

If your dental situation is complex you may need a more detailed case assessment planning appointment.

Additional information may be needed such as models of your mouth or a 3-dimensional ‘CT scan’.

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